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Bloodred Metalheads is your pitstop for the Canadian west coast's underground metal scene. We are a loose gathering of like-minded individuals who gather here to discuss, bicker, and promote all things metal, local or worldwide. While most of the members are located in Vancouver, BC (Canada), we have have and welcome all international visitors to hang out and get to know our little scene here.

Bloodred Metalheads is under construction, so please bear with us as we work towards a more comprehensive and informative site. Visit the Bloodred Metalheads forum, sign up and take part in the discussions and ramblings going on there. In the near future, we will have bootleg video listings, local concert calendar, links to BC bands, and whatever else we can dream up of. Enjoy your stay!


Bloodred Forum - The gathering place for all metalheads! Introduce yourself in the introductions forum and then post away! Talk about metal, look for new band members, or just sit back and watch the tomfoolery. Beware the were-badger!

Video List - Bloodred's video list for trading. Coming soon!

Concert Calendar - If you're looking for a metal show to see, this is the place to find out what's going on in town. Coming soon!

Band Listings - More BC metal bands than you can shake a fist at! Coming soon!

Photos - BC metal scene related photos. Cumming soon!

History - The history of Bloodred Metalheads. Who is Bloodred? How did this site come about? Find the answers here!